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Helps business leaders ensure organisations are 'cyber resilient'

Our free report is designed to help business leaders like you to gain a greater awareness of the benefits and challenges of ensuring your organisation is 'cyber resilient'.

It is particularly relevant to those in the critical national infrastructure, defence, government and national security sectors, but has been designed to provide a strategic and practical introduction to the topic that will apply to the majority of organisations.

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Our report includes exclusive research designed to help highlight the challenges of creating a cyber resilient nation.

This research involved interviews with the leadership of a wide range of industry-leading organisations including Airbus Defence & Space, Anglian Water, CREST, Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group, TechUK, Ministry of Defence Joint Forces Command, and the UK Space Agency.

The results help paint a picture of these organisations' top security concerns. They also provide a confidence barometer against a range of issues affecting businesses today including the cyber resilience of supply chains, the security awareness of staff, and adherence to government cyber regulatory requirements.


Report articles

The Cyber Resilient Infrastructure Report contains a range of articles which include the following topics:

Defence and security in the information age

What are the changing and evolving military risks to critical national infrastructure?

General Sir Richard Barrons

Former Commander, Joint Forces Command

Operational technology cyber resilience trends

What do recent events reveal about the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks against critical national infrastructure?

The realities of nuclear cyber security

How do civil nuclear power organisations approach cyber risk and what lessons could others learn from their example?

Dr Richard Piggin & Dr Ian Buffey


The Cyber Resilient Infrastructure report is free to download now:

Cyber vulnerabilities in the defence procurement lifecycle

What are the common cyber touch points throughout the defence procurement cycle and what can organisations within the supply chain do to manage these risks?

John Connolly


The end for off-grid automation?

Connecting previously off-grid control systems to the network enables more efficient operations, but how does this impact operational risk?

Andy Wall


The future of cyber resilience

What will cyber resilience look like tomorrow, and how can organisations ensure they are future-proofed against an ever-evolving threat?

Dr David Butler and Russell Cameron


The Cyber Resilient Infrastructure report is free to download now:

Article extract from 'Defence and security in the information age', by General Sir Richard Barrons

“Government, industry and the general public are aware of how much our daily life relies on the safe and efficient functioning of critical national infrastructure (CNI). Although the risks are sometimes exposed by industrial disputes or by the effects of disaster, man-made or natural, we generally still take a constant supply of goods and services for granted.

To these risks we can add a developing recognition of the importance of cyber defence as part of CNI resilience, which tends to focus on individual criminal or terrorist acts. Overall, however, our thinking about the security of our daily life reflects the experience of a comfortable existence since the end of the Cold War and breeds assumptions that the future will be more of the same. It is time for a harder look at what the future may hold for the defence and security of the UK and the place of CNI within it."

Biography of General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE
Former commander Joint Forces Command

General Sir Richard Barrons served as Commander Joint Forces Command, one of the six Chiefs of Staff leading the UK Armed Forces until April 2016. He was responsible for 23,000 people worldwide and a budget of £4.3 billion, delivering intelligence, Special Forces, operational command and control, information systems and communications, logistics, medical support, and advanced education and training across the Armed Forces.

The Cyber Resilient Infrastructure report is free to download now:

  • No organisation or industry can afford to rest on their laurels when it comes to cyber resilience, especially those delivering critical national infrastructure.

    . . .
    Dr Richard Piggin
  • By considering challenges, and recognising the need for risk-based approaches and innovation, the nuclear power industry will remain world-leading in its approach.

    . . .
    Dr Richard Piggin
  • Other sectors can learn from these developments, and some are already taking a keen interest.

    . . .

    Dr Richard Piggin

The Cyber Resilient Infrastructure report is free to download now:

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We view cyber resilience as the ability of an organisation to understand the cyber threats it's facing, to inform the known risks, to put in place proportionate protection, and to recover quickly from attack. Depending upon the client, robust cyber resilience ultimately provides cost-effective business or service continuity, sustained revenue, or the uninterrupted delivery of military effects. It also contributes toward the ongoing protection of the UK.

Atkins delivers cyber resilience expertise to the critical national infrastructure, government, national security and defence sectors. We are the largest supplier of client-side advisory in the UK security and intelligence sector and accredited to the Cyber Suppliers to UK Government scheme.

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